cyanide. (dopetastic) wrote in webhost,

hey, i really need some help! i chose the L1 hosting plan .and used a 50% off code. therefore i was onlypaying 70 dollars and i paid the $70 with my credit card. i chose the 12 months for $119.00. well it went through and all but now it is saying that i owe 9.95 a month.  it said the domain name was free and all i was doing was PREPAYING for 12 months of service. and now it is showing that i have 0gb per month 0 bandwith. i dont understand why it's doing that. please tell me i didnt just pay 70 dollars to register a domain name..with no hosting...please help me so lost. here are some screen caps to explain my confusion a bit further..

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


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Both of your screencaps show that you bought what you thought you did. The first one shows that you will be billed $0.00 each month, which means you won't be billed at all. The second one shows that you bought one year of hosting and won't owe anything until Jan 16th 2007.

Why don't you check the billing page (the spot where it says 0gb 0 bandwidth) again and see if it says you have webspace now. I'm thinking it might have changed.