Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote in webhost,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.


Hey guys. I'm wanting to start an internet business and I would need a set up almost exactly like hotornot, but instead of pictures, I would want video. Could anyone tell me where I could go to get this started and how much it would approximately cost? I know I'd need a good server (this is what I was told, still don't know what that means exactly) and a few databases. Again.. I'm not that clear on this. If someone could talk with me about this, I would really appreciate it. WHat I would need is for members to have profiles and be able to upload video. Then there would be a scoring system similar to hotornot. There would also need to be a free member and a paid member(and no I'm not talking about a porn site) :P I have the complete idea, ready to start on it, I'm just not sure where to begin or who to talk to. I would appreciate ANY help concerning this. Thank you. :)
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